Botswana: Kalahari and Beyond

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TUli Trails

Tuli Trails is an extraordinary offering available to experienced riders between April and October each year. Tuli Trails is a mobile safari covering a distance of 120 miles along the Limpopo River in the Mashatu Reserve in southern Botswana’s Tuli Block. The Mashatu Game Reserve is somewhat of a hidden gem. Huge herds of elephants frequent the area, being documented in numbers over 1,500 at a time. The river is a shelter for animals (eland, waterbuck, giraffe, zebra and nocturnal bat-eared foxes and African wildcats), renowned birding, and provides a scenery fixture in the otherwise more arid Tuli region.




Kalahari safari 

Thousands of years ago, there was a massive lake in the northern-central Botswana. All that remains today are the incredible Makgadikgadi saltpans, an arid landscape home to a host of creatures and some of the world’s last remaining bushmen. Here see brown hyena, meerkats, and some of the largest baobab trees on earth. Compared to the wet and lush Okavango Delta, the pans are a markedly different but stunning in their own right.