Who We Are


Christina Tabacco is a trained safari guide, fiction and travel writer, and lawyer. She is also a life-long equestrian who grew up riding with the local pony club, fox hunting club, and three-day eventing and show jumping communities in her native San Francisco Bay Area. Christina has been politely obsessed with Africa since she lived in Cape Town in 2009. There, she attended the University of Cape Town, road tripped all over southern Africa, went on her first safari, and developed a deep appreciation for all she saw, including its human culture and history, floral and faunal diversity, Africans’ vitality, resilience, and pride that magnifies the collective feeling that great, positive changes are to come. Perhaps a surprising aspect of Africa are hints at true progressivism. Whether they be utilizing state of the art technology to detect and prevent poaching, or as Christina learned as a student of law, that the South African constitution embraces a wider swath of human rights than almost any other. It states that the right to food, clean water, and education are basic, inalienable ones, guaranteed by a government to its people.

Christina found that the magnetism of Africa—undoubtedly one of the last great terrestrial frontiers of this planet— is its ability to inspire self-examination, a deep sense of gratitude and humility, and the feeling of ultimate freedom.

Since her foray in Cape Town, Christina has traveled significantly around southern and eastern Africa, completed two safari guide training courses, and has worked as a volunteer horseback safari guide. Perhaps it is an understatement to say she is “politely” obsessed. As such, Christina has chosen to share her passion for Africa with others through Tabacco Travel. As explained on our Travel Services Page, we plan custom itineraries for clients and lead horseback safari trips for seasoned and adventurous riders.