The Garden Route of South Africa’s southern coast is also known as Eden. Stretching from George in the west to Port Elizabeth in the east, the Garden Route is comprised of mountains, last-of-their-kind indigenous forests and fynbos, fresh water lakes, surging rivers, estuaries, miles of coastline with uniquely shaped beaches, tombolos, and “half-heart” bays. The Garden Route provides an ideal road trip route. Christina, as a part of the instructional team for Wildlands Studies, taught marine and terrestrial ecology in combination with South African scientific experts and researchers. The group of American university students during engaged in hands-on scientific research including bird ringing, estuarine and oceanic fish surveys, and marine and terrestrial mammal behavioral population studies. Activities included hiking, multi-day trekking, nature journaling, snorkeling, bird watching, marine mammal watching (from sea and land), kayaking, visiting ancient human habitation sights, local communities, schools, and townships, stargazing, and removing invasive vegetation.